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While we work with everyone, our Mission is to Promote the Hiring of Veterans.  Our Purpose is to ensure that discharged Veterans find Meaningful Employment soon after being discharged.

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Recruiting Services


Whether you are looking for a chief executive officer, a department head, program manager, or administrative staff, using our network of over 43,000 professionals across the United States, we will find qualified candidates who are interested in long-term employment.  While we work with everyone, our mission is to promote the hiring of veterans.  We do that by lowering our fee by one-third when the successful candidate is a veteran.   

HR Assistance


Overwhelmed with resumes?  Fed up reading resumes of candidates who are totally unqualified for the position you are looking to fill?  Do you enjoy leaving messages for candidates who never call you back?  Had enough phone calls with candidates who clearly are spinning if not outright lying?  Then stop wasting your time!  Let us clear your Inbox and desk so you can focus on qualified candidates. 

Career Counseling


Unlike other job search assistance companies, at HSS we do not create a dependency relationship.  We don't "coach" or "counsel" in the traditional sense.  We teach.  Want to learn how to conduct an effective job search? Then you have come to the right place! And one more thing to keep in mind - our services continue until you get your next job! 

Speech Writing, Editing and Proofreading Services


Whatever the nature of the speech, no matter the subject of the book or article, Bruce Hurwitz's writing, editing and proofreading services will meet your needs.  

Hurwitz Stategic Staffing in the News and Social Media


HSS's founder and president, Bruce Hurwitz, is an Amazon international best selling author.  His articles on LinkedIn have been read over 410,000 times.  A recognized authority on career and employment issues, he has been cited in over 700 articles, appearing in more than 500 publications, across the United States and in some 30 foreign countries.  Additionally, he has appeared on local and national television and been interviewed on radio and various podcasts.

Video Podcast Bruce Huwitz Presents: Meet the Experts


Bruce Hurwitz Presents: MEET THE EXPERTS is a live half-hour video podcast featuring experts from all industries and from around the world.  For details and to apply visit: www.brucehurwitzpresents.com.

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